Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Night TV Guide

-76ers @ Magic (Game 2) 7:00, NBA TV (Can Ron Jeremy bring the Magic back)

-Heat @ Hawks (Game 2) 8:00, TNT (Will Ciara be cheering Al Horford on?)

-Hornets @ Nuggets (Game 2)10:30, TNT (Will the Birdman fly again?)

-Mets @ Cardinals, 8:15, ESPN (Only 150 games until this possible NLCS match-up!)

-Capitals @ Rangers (Game 4) 7:00, Versus (Does anyone get Versus?)

-Lost, 9:00, ABC (Thanks for no new Lost ABC.)

-South Park, 10:00, Comedy Central (Cartman as a pirate? Ka-Blamo!)

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