Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're back, Not Quite Wearing the 4-5

When we first started writing this blog, we were just two guys and we were having a good time. This entailed being at college, watching sports, writing about sports, and drinking whiskey because we like the taste (forgot to add in the part about girls looking better in Gainesville which is very evident after one trip to the Dead People... I mean Delray Beach Publix). Now some time has passed and we aren’t in college anymore (we’re unemployed at home living with our parents but keep that on the dl). This may seem like a bad thing to some but now we can fill our roles as bloggers better. That is if bloggers are supposed to sit in their parents basements and criticize coaches and athletes who they wish they were. Well, our parents don’t have basements thank you very much.

Last I wrote, I previewed an almost inevitable Tiger Wood’s victory at the US Open, until David Duval contended and Lucas Glover ended up winning. Who saw that coming, Duval contending, Mickelson contending after dealing with his wife’s breast cancer and Glover winning? I guess those odds were about as good as Tiger missing the cut at the British Open and Tom Watson losing in a playoff after leading going into the final hole. Well, I guess that happened too. So we're already halfway to an apocalypse but to top it off Tiger lost a final round lead of a major to an Asian born player. Tiger was 14-14 in holding final round leads at majors and Asians were 0 for oh herro at winning majors and correctly pronouncing words like sprinkles. But YE Yang came back from a 2 shot deficit to topple Tiger in his bid for his 14th major. So yea, there was craziness in golf.

I guess I just wrote entire paragraph about golf which most out there probably find about as interesting as say baseball or maybe Matthew Fox, you tell me. But football the greatest sport ever is about to start so expect much more… I guess any writing would be much more… so expect some regular entries from Guys Who Like Sports and Don’t Care Who Knows.

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